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Utah State Official Day of the Dead

Catrina y Catrines Contest

What is Day of the Dead?

Every year, on November 1st and 2nd, something unique takes place in many areas of Mexico: Day of the Dead festivities. While it's strange for most of us to accept the fact that "death" and "festivities" can go hand-in-hand, for the Mexicans, the two are intricately entwined. This all stems from the ancient indigenous peoples of Mexico (Purepecha, Nahua, Totonac and Otomí) who believed that the souls of the dead return each year to visit with their living relatives - to eat, drink and be merry. Just  like they did when they were living.


Una Mano Amiga and Victor's tires invites you to participate in the first Official State of Utah 2017 celebration of the Day of the Dead. We will have a Parade of Catrina and Catrines contest.

Open under the following basis and modalities:

1. The contest will consist of the elaboration and design of the custume and make up of " La Catrina and/or el Catrin"

The jury's decision will be final. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, the contest will take place October 21, 2017.

Cost for registration is $25.00

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For questions

Email us: mano_amigahispanos757@hotmail.com

Call us : Rocio Mejia 801-450-0849

Convocatoria Abierta Para la Comunidad! 

Una Mano Amiga y Victor's Tires le invitan a participar en la primera celebración oficial del estado de Utah del Día de Muertos 2017. Tendremos un concurso y desfile de Catrina/es.
Abierto bajo las siguientes bases y modalidades:

1. El Concurso consistirá en la elaboración y diseño del vestuario, y la confección de "La Catrin/a elegante y autentico"

La decisión del jurado será definitiva. Habrá 1º, 2º y 3º lugar, el concurso se llevara acabo el 21 de Octubre 2017. 

El costo de inscripción es de $ 25.00

Para preguntas

Envíenos un correo electrónico: mano_amigahispanos757@hotmail.com

Llámenos: Rocio Mejia 801-450-0849

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