Una Mano Amiga


Who we are


Una Mano Amiga is a non-profit organization, 501-C3 created by members of the community , to provide to the Hispanics in the state of Utah, education and needed information, which will be provided in a culturally  and linguistically appropriate manner. So they can reach a better life style and productive lives, within the community. UMA will work as a link between the services available and members of the community. UMA will provide support to get a better education, health and lifestyle, in order to make the transition into the new society easier for the members and their families


Grow with the community, and be a linguistically and culturally appropriate organization that will provide support. Be recognized as the organization that really helps and support the Hispanic community and become known as a friendly hand. Develop our organization to support the community and encourage the same for a better education and maintaining cultural values.

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P.O. Box 1372
West Jordan, Utah


2124 W 78 S 
West Jordan, Utah

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