Una Mano Amiga


From 2002 to Present


National and International Projects 

UMA works outside of the USA specifically in Latin America. Most Spanish speaking people in USA have their roots in Latin America.UMA invites those of Hispanic origins to contact us, so we can share and learn from other Latin American customs. The funds used for international projects come from charity food sales. 

We are also proud of supporting our local communities by organizing christmas charity events, scholarships, Thanksgiving food baskets, and collaborating with the LDS deseret industry to provide vouchers for families in need. 


Orphanage Visit

September 2004

UMA visited the children of Villa Amanecer, this is an orphanage in Cuitzillo, Michoacan..This orphanage was founded by her director in her property and depends solely in public charity.

UMA provided materials to paint and replace broken window glasses as well as to pay for the labor to do it.  UMA also donated a television , Christmas tree, and provided lunch and toys for the children.


February 2008

We had two projects in Veracruz, Mexico. The first we brought aid to a kindergarten where single mothers could access childcare. We we sent toys and clothes, then provided prosthetics for five breast cancer survivors, who endured double amputations.  

In 2008 Veracruz was hit with a devastating inundation caused by the overflow of a river. Thousands of families were displaced and children were left without schools.  second wave of we rented a hotel of donations. We provided home necesities, such as femine hygene products, waters, etc. as well as fresh fruits and legumes. We made a ton of supply bags! But this wasn't enough, we found that some children  and no shoes or food.  We took a group of them to buy shoes and have a meal. The children were about 5-13 years of age, they were so excited and joyous for the simple fact that they could choose anything off the menu and eat. 

Medical Equipment Donation

April 2005

UMA is proud to announce that the medical equipment that had been collected to be donated to the Mexican people has departed to it's final destination. The equipment was donated to Cuernavaca Morelos, to the "Niño Morelense Hospital". In the photos we have capture the moment where the equipment is being loaded into the truck and representatives fro Radio Unica and Univision who were present at that time.